Test Carrier Billing & Premium SMS Payments

Simtest testing network covers more than 200 operators worldwide. All our modems contain prepaid SIM cards for the most accurate cost control possible. Simply access the web GUI, reserve a modem and test the mobile payment flow (Premium SMS and Direct Carrier Billing) for your service.


  • Accessible and user-friendly interface available 24/7
  • Low-cost start-up – there is no need to buy any hardware or software – SIMTEST.it is available from anywhere over the Internet
  • Reliability – SIMTEST.it support is available via e-mail or through SIMTEST.it itself during business hours
  • Service behavior control – check if your service responds with the right text messages in time
  • Real time spending control – check if your service is being charged according to your plan
  • Spending statistics – track usage easily for every time you performed a test


Start testing